How To Create An Email Sales Funnel From Email Leads

How To Create An Email Sales Funnel From Email Leads

Ever wonder how to create an email sales funnel from the leads you’ve gotten from your website?

In terms of quickness, getting sales from your email subscribers usually takes time because nothing in this game is quick to progress. Supposedly, most buyers are not very favorable to buy things from you as soon as thier subscription is made. It normally needs to go through some process and the wait for the fruit to be ripening is necessary.

In this article, we are going to look into what’s the process and how to create an email sales funnel from your email leads. With this brief guide, you will know how to attract visitors, turn them into a lead, and convert them to buy at last out of your email list.

First, How to Get Leads For Building Your Email List

It’s generally breaking down into 2 categories:

  • Organic Leads
  • Paid Leads

Organic Leads: Blog, Organic Google Searches, Youtube, Social Media, etc

Organic leads are good because they are absolutely free to capitalize on for your lead generation. It became a common sense that using a blog or Youtube is a great way to reach out to an audience and collect leads. It’s all free to do with them, however, it ‘takes time’ to prepare with your funnels through organic channels as you have to optimize and grow the exposure level of your channels first of all.

Paid Leads: PPC (Pay Per Click), Online Banner Ads, Social Media Paid Ads, Forum Ads etc

Another way to attract buyers is by creating PPC ads on search engines or social media.

As the name suggests, they aren’t free at all and you have to spend some money to take on the ads. That said, it’s no doubt that they are effective and drive results when done right. Paid ads are especially good when you’re trying to build awareness of your brand.

How To Get Email Addresses From Your Visitors

No matter whether you prefer Organic Leads or Paid Leads, there is a thing you should take note of: There’s no free lunch in the world, you need to make a reason for them to give you their email. In another word, motivate them to opt for your email list or giving out an email for you.

Technically, it will be nobody giving you their privacy and the email address if they fail to find a reason to give all them to you. Who wants to bother with that?

To have them opt for your email list, what’s a definitely better way than just leaving a subscription box or newsletter form is ‘to give them some value in exchange for their emails’.

Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean something huge or costly, however, anything can be utilized to become a form of ‘reward’ for them. Let’s say, anything little, but valuable, and importantly ‘what matters to them’. Such as an e-book of an interesting topic, How-To guide for something that they might find useful, or some kind of freebies that doesn’t cost you much to buy!

Keep it simple, it can be any form of content or things that are informative, educational, entertaining, or anything that your audience will thank you for.

Examples of Best Opt-In Freebies:

  • eBooks
  • Worksheets or Checklists
  • Cheatsheets or Tips & Hacks
  • Sweepstakes
  • Video Courses or Text Guidelines
  • Contests etc

How To Capitalize On Your Email List For Sales

Once you get their emails, and now what’s next?

This is where it gets a little tricky. Of course, you want to reach out to them right away and start pitching what you want from them. I know that, but hang in a little bit more or it might ruin your goal in a hurry.

How To Capitalize On Your Email List For Sales

Take time for you to become a reliable source for them

So far you’ve attracted visitors to your website, they’ve given you their email, and are ready to learn more about you.

Wait, it’s still not enough to create sales from your email list.

Online buyers are always in research mode. They are searching for other products/services similar to yours so they can compare prices, quality, and all that good stuff.

They want to know if your product/service is worth it. Online buyers come with a lot of risks. Don’t blame them, it’s the internet.

They are not ready to buy from you yet simply after a couple of emails were sent. It may take more time to get them to finally convert. Definitely, you need to slow it down and take time for you to become a reliable source first, in terms of reliability, credibility, and authority so that they become willing to listen to what you say.

So above all, take your time and work on growing your reliability by offering them value over time. What value you can offer can be vast, such as testimonials, case studies, tips and hacks, and a helpful piece of content that your audience will be interested in. It’s not something difficult, but consistency is the key in terms of earning trust.

How to convert online leads into buyers

Let’s imagine that you have 2 sources you get leads through and you segment your email list between the visitors who subscribed to your blog and the ones who downloaded your free content.

Indeed, you can’t take them 2 the same way, they 2 are different and differently managed.

For Email Leads:

Keep pumping out relevant, interesting, and educational content. Whether it’s from your blog or your YouTube videos. Eventually, you’ll get a couple of subscribers interested in doing business with you.

For Download Leads:

Email them content that can solve their problems. It could be your whitepapers or a case study of how your product/service benefited a customer (proof).

Within your emails, have a clear call-to-action that tells your lead what to do next.

Do you want them to call you? Do you want them to check out a similar article?

Figure out what you want them to do next. Some might not take the next step but eventually one will.

The funnel never ends

Creating an email sales funnel can be simple. All it takes are little creativity, engagement, and importantly, consistency.

  • Start with finding ways to attract them
  • Grab their attention by offering something valuable even for free
  • Gain their interest by showing them how your product/service can fulfill their needs or worries
  • Build rapport
  • Soon enough, they’ll take action and convert.

After they convert, the sale is not over. You’ll want to continue to build a long-term business relationship with them because your best customers are the ones that stick with you forever.


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